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" OHH MAN . . . "
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aka KAMALA HARRIS  [see all my beautiful pic of me - on the bottom]

> HA - I'm NOW VICE-president ! <
? WHO is Joe B. ?

Oh I'm NEXT in line . . . [ ASAP ]





THANKS GOD . . . - only VP !
The White House has to be remodeled + repainted again !

(c) by blahblah . . .


Adam Schiff is an owned hatchet man of Ukrainian arms dealer
Igor Pasternak. Schiff’s anti-Russian narrative is carefully
orchestrated by his Ukrainian handlers

Feb 5 2018



(c) by 310-Mr.INTERNET [ this is a online opinion about Adam Shitt (Shiff?) ]
"I", John - predicted this in March 22nd, 2020

FUTURE DREAM CABINET of Camela + Mr. Sleepy

President Joseph Sleepy Biden (78)  
V-president Camela Native Black  [ but some beautiful ] (55)  
Speaker Mini brown waitress AOC  
Turban Lady I don't know . . . - best for the pentagon . . .  
Military Real BLACK SQAD beauty  
BLACK LIFE the 10% black will take over our 70% white country  
Most important Ali Schitt (not black)  
Labour Mr. Mike Nobama [ ex-wife/man ]  
Finance $$$ Hillary Clinten in a suit + fly  
TAX will be  50%  raced and more: what you pay today  
PRICES  2021 all food, stuff, life, Wal-Mart, houses, rent, min >50%  
Babysitter Ex-president Bull Clintan  
China-minister Biden's son Mr. Corona Hunter [out-minister]  
AG Black mini Sushi Rise  
Gun Law #2 Colorful bold-headed Rorrk  
HEALTH Very dark Mr. Hussain Nobama  
SECURITY Old Nanzy [like crazy] - no guns, only swords  
COMMERZ Sun, water, trees, worms, horses, no gas or coale  
TRANSPORT get all bicycle from China - 1 billion or walk  
TRAINS no trains, using electric made with coal or gas  
FLYING no more, build as shelter for all homeless  
CARS recycle as boats for fishing, hand dismantled   
MALLS henhouses, shelter, food center if have  
FACTORIES no power, just send to China for free with the train  
CHURCHES use the bricks for build new shelters for AOC  
RELIGION remove all crosses, no praying, no god, Jesus or popa  
MOSLEM will take over with Sharia Law in our life!  
POLICE for what - there will be only LOVE-FEST  
SPORT no need, only wasting time and to expensive  
PARKS cut the trees for heater and build boats  
MILK kill all cows, no Milk for the kids, drink dirty water  
BUILDINGS no window needed, stay inside, keep warm/stinky  
WATER no bridges, no tracks, no gas, no rivers, very dirty  
CLOTHES no plastic, no shoes, no bags, no shopping  
INTERNET no power, very dangerous WiFi, no new tower  
COURTS no Judges, no jails, no police, no Whitehouse !  
FOOD no transportation, no supermart, no working people  
MEAT no beef, no pigs, no chicken, no fish [no boats]  
AIRPORTS all closed, used for:  "WHAT"  
MONEY print billions every month, worst nothing  
STOCKMARK eliminated, no needed money only plastic  
OLD PEOPLE put to sleep, making no money, nobody care  
SCHOOL education: zippo - stay dumb - you are a good boy  
CLEANING street sweeping, have no workers, no trash  
Minimum Wage $20 / hour, if you find some like work . . .  
Monthly income $2,400 for everybody, illegal get a extra bonus !  
Language 150 different, Sodom + Gomorra, tower of Babble  
Toilet Paper there is no more newspapers, no trees cut with what?  
GOVERNMENT will be 75% no education blacks and Moslems,  
CELL-PHONE no WiFi anymore, no power, or satellite $200/month  
BORDERS all open to all races, green or red, YOU will pay 4 all  
JUSTICE no courts, no police, no jails, WHAT A DREAM  
CHRISTMAS why, for who, what, no gifts, no cutting trees,  
WARS bend down to all idiots in the world, atomic bombs will fly  
BANKS no need, all cash, value $ will be $0.10or less  
REAL-ESTATE drop-down way over %70 of 2019  
CONSTRUCT no building material can be made, no transport, no crane etc.  
STREETS potholes everywhere, no new or fix possible  
CHINA will be min 30% in the saying, ONE RULE, will see . . .  
STEEL ALU will be back produced in China or Canada  
NEWS like CNN, NBC, and all liars, fake news tell you shi...  
ENTERTAIN Hollywood will speak Chinese, world will take over  
ANIMAL all Zoo close, no power, no food, all dead . . .  killed . . .  
HISTORY all museums, monument, library, books, burned dumped  
SPACE filled with Chinese/Russia/IRAN weapon with Atom-bombs  
OCEAN latest 2025 all filled with plastic fish, no ship-transport  
MURDER rate in USA over 1000 per day, Chicago 5000-10,000  
FIRE i.e. San Francisco will be burned down, no fire-cars ! water!  
  above are some hints only for smart people (YOU)
if YOU can't understand or not laugh > I'm dumb